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A.T.A.C - Athletic Training and Conditioning From $9 per visit with 3 Week Tryout, Assessment and Preparation Block passNo purchase required to enroll


Active Development (Ages 6-9)

Our Active Development program is a fun and engaging movement, fitness and athletic fundamentals development class, where movement mastery and bio motor skill development are the focus. We don't train kids at the age, we teach them how to move properly and to control their body, which helps them to develop their systemic strength, speed, balance, coordination and overall athleticism. At this age we don't focus on anything specific, we focus on the athlete as a whole. This is a 30 minute class.

General Athlete Development and Sports Performance (Ages 10+)

This program is a progressive general athletic development and sports performance program. This is a comprehensive athletic development and sports performance program where the athlete will work on general athletic strength and power, speed and agility, conditioning, mobility and flexibility, as well as educating the athlete, and empowering them to start taking charge and control of their body. We focus on mastery of fundamental strength standards and skill development needed for speed, strength and power training for further athletic development.

High School Athlete Development

Athletic Training And Conditioning (ATAC) for High School Athletes

Get Stronger, Faster and more Injury Resistant with our High School and College strength and conditioning training sessions.

Adult Synfully Fit Group

Personal Training Level Service at Group Class Pricing

This is an adult semi private personal training group for those individuals who are looking to get healthier, stronger and lose weight. This is not a group training class where everyone does the same thing at the same time. Each participant will have an individual training program designed specifically for their goals as well as their fitness level and history. Our program is most suited for those 35-70 yrs old, however persons of any age can inquire. We have had great success with those with no foundational strength, lingering aches and pains, low to no motivation, as well as those who are looking to push themselves a little more. That being said, if you are looking to throw up or get hurt, we aren't for you. Our goal for you is to be the best version of yourself that fits into the most reasonable lifestyle that you can manage.

1st month unlimited classes for $99 - No other commitments required. Try it out, if you don't like it after your month is up, No Worries.
For the Women's group - I guarantee you will love these ladies. If they are the reason you don't like it I will refund your $99 no questions asked.

Women's Morning Sessions
The group training sessions are Monday thru Friday starting at 9:00 am with your workout needing to be finished by 12pm (noon), so there is flexibility in starting time for each individual. Workouts times will vary (45-75 minutes typically) based on what you are doing and how fast you progress throughout them. Also Saturday sessions 9:00am-10:00am.

Men's Night Sessions
The group training sessions are Tuesday and Thursday Nights from 6:30pm-7:30pm and Saturday's 9:00am-10:00am.

There are several ways in which you can participate from 1 x a week programs to monthly unlimited.

If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact us.